Life is HARD

You know how there are times where life really doesn’t make any sense? And you keep going to bed at night wishing that you will wake up from the incredibly horrible nightmare or terrible Lifetime movie that is happening all around you? Well, that seems to be my world right now.  

SUCK… MAJOR SUCKY things are happening all around me, to me, and to people that I dearly love.

I keep wondering why, but better yet, I can’t help asking, when is enough really enough?

I am continually learning that it won’t be enough until Jesus returns and brings Heaven to Earth. 

And is that a bad thing... no!  

But, is it a HARD thing… of course it is.  

Can I sit in the suck and dwell and wonder “what if” or “why” or the so many other questions that seem to bombard my thoughts? Sure! Plenty of us do. At least for awhile. 

But will staying there get me anywhere? Will that make anything any better? NO!

I can let His word come out in me and through me. 
I can worship Him!
I can shut out the darkness.
I can flip the flow and look for the GOOD/God all around me.
I can lean into the people/community that God so graciously given us.
I can be grateful for the people that are literally loving each other the way we should all love each other.

Because seriously people, LIFE is HARD and it majorly SUCKS sometimes… but we KNOW the ending of the STORY. 

God wins!  Jesus returns! 

There is HOPE and His name is Jesus and I literally am continuing to learn in every moment how much I couldn’t do it without him.  

He is always there, sometimes we just have to look a LOT harder to see through the crap that’s being thrown our way to find that He was, is, and always will be there.  .

So, the question for me becomes, what do we do with the middle of the story, the time we are here on earth? 

For me…I am trying to literally love God and love people.  Trying to go moment by moment and say, Jesus I love you and I am so grateful for you! Please help me to show others your love through all this incredibly messy, icky, heartbreaking, hard, crappy stuff. Because He’ll be there. All we need to do is keep seeking Him. 


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