Fully Surrendered

What does it mean to live fully surrendered lives?

Living totally surrendered means to live totally dependent.  At least that is what I am learning. To live a life so dependent on God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit that all of me and my broken messy self is surrendered to Him. 

Letting go of control isn’t easy for even the most laid back among us. There’s something about tragedy and difficulties that make us clutch at everything with a tighter and tighter grasp, just so we can pretend that we can control the outcomes. Letting go is scary. 

But it’s essential. I think of the phrase that’s come to mind often in the face of tragedy and crisis: “You are God, and I am not.” More frequently that I care to admit, that fact has only been begrudgingly admitted. But then, I let go, let God, and experience the freedom of being able to surrender to someone who knows ever more than I do and who will do more than I can ask or imagine. 

I picture myself standing with my hands up in the air as all this CRAP has been flying at me but instead of looking at the crap, I am looking up at God and depending on Him to carry me through it all!  I am surrendering all the “what ifs” to Him and depending on Him to change them to “even ifs.”  I am surrendering all the hurt and pain and depending on Him to bring love and joy. I am surrendering all the “whys” and depending on Him to finish the story and show me His glory.  

Because if I truly believe that God is GOOD all the time, I have to trust Him to lead me to the good in the midst of all the mess.  True surrender is freedom and it comes from letting go of self and becoming dependent on the one and only. It’s scary, sometimes the scariest thing we could imagine. But it’s worth it. 


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