Leaders Worth Following

One of the big ideas that we are working on in our house is taking responsibility for your actions and choices. Ultimately not worrying about or comparing ourselves to anyone else around us.
It absolutely drives me crazy when I am correcting one of my children and their response is, "Well, so and so did it!" To me that is you, not wanting to take responsibility for your choice and trying to make someone else look bad to hopefully cast the blame, shame, guilt, etc. somewhere else.
"You do you and I'll do me," is a common statement in our house.
We strive to ultimately teach our kids to love God and love people and then our actions, choices and behaviors exhibit that choice. Others will follow our lead if we do it well! 
Part of that is the recognition that we all make mistakes and if we admit those mistakes and learn from them, the next time we might make a better choice. What a better world this might be if we all learned to extend a little grace and truly learned to work together to arrive at the BEST combined decision to Love God and Love People!
Ultimately though each person has to manage their own actions and realize the world does not revolve around them. We are not here for our own personal glory, we are here to serve God and point all the glory and honor to him.
I am have to admit that I truly struggle with politics and there are many reasons for that. But lately, I am really struggling to understand how we are to teach our kids the lessons above when very few of our nations leaders follow these rules. So every time, I try to learn more about a candidate by reading articles, watching debates, etc... it causes me great angst so ultimately I just don't.
It breaks my heart in so many ways to see our leaders (all sides) exhibiting the same poor behaviors that I am trying to teach my kids are wrong. I would love to see a leader that:

1. Ultimately knew where His/Her identity comes from!
2. Showed grace and love to other leaders around them.
3. Took responsibility for their own choices and decisions, apologized and learned from them.
4. Quit casting blame and shame elsewhere.
Because let's be real!! Nobody is perfect, everyone makes mistakes, and we all need to learn from them. 
So I would love to see a leader who will stand up and admit that they are not perfect!  
I would love to see leaders who would stop digging for every poor choice their opponent ever made. 
I would love to see a leader stand up and admit his/her own mistakes and then ask for forgiveness and show me that they learned from them.
I would love to see Christ Followers act like Christ Followers! Love God, Love People! And let's figure out the best way to move forward in this messy world together. Let's figure out a way to agree to disagree but work together for the good of everyone around!
And please don't tell me, "Well so and so didn't do this!" Because if we all keep using that excuse, oh what a mess this will continue to be!
Give me a leader worth following. A leader that I can use to show positive actions for my kids!


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