Keep Putting One Foot in Front of the Other

Remember, one step at a time, just keep putting one foot in front of the other and taking steps.

We like to know the entire picture therefore we have a lot of what ifs in life but I have learned that if I think or worry too much about the big picture then I freeze in a state of fear.  The hard things in my life and in my loved ones lives have taught me that no matter how much I plan or think about the future, I will never know exactly whats going to happen.  For example, just a few:
  • Cancer - I had none of the precursors of ovarian cancer yet I had Stage 3 Ovarian cancer.
  • Several years ago, I was out shopping with my niece for her birthday when a young guy decided to enter a mall with a gun and shoot and kill 2 people working in the store right above where I was sitting with my young niece enjoying a conversation and waiting to pick up a cookie cake. 
  • The path that my kids choose to take in life.
Not one of these things, could I have done anything to change or could I have known about ahead of time and I if had, I probably wouldn't have chosen them and if I choose the path for my kids.....but:
  • I learned invaluable lessons from each and every of them.
  • They have all made my faith stronger.
  • My kids will not learn and grow stronger without their own trials and hard things.
Therefore, I have adopted the phrase, "Just keep putting one foot in front of the other" and am learning daily to complete it with, "following my loving Father who created me in His image."  
  • He will show me my steps each day if I ask Him.  
  • He will carry me when things are hard.  
  • He will push me when I need to move.  
  • He will redirect me when I need to go a different way.  
  • He will LOVE me along the way no matter what!  
About a year ago, we started a ministry called Grace Like Rain and we did not have it all figured out and we still do not have it all figured out but I knew that God was telling me to move.  He was leading me into Grace Like Rain and what it looks like and will look like.  Our only constant is that we will LOVE people unconditionally without judgement and walk with them daily as they work to create some sort of stability in their lives.  We will lead them to Him through our LOVE and actions.

Our team meets often and evaluates our program.  We change, we add, we grow and we follow God's lead.  We are determined to love the best we can following Jesus' lead.  

We try not to look at the overwhelming BIG dream but instead just keep putting one foot in front of the other following a loving God who created us in His image for such a time as this! 

God will continue to lead and we will continue to follow!  Currently, He is leading us to raise $750,000 for the purchase of land to start building His Grace Like Rain Community Village.  He is leading us to continue to LOVE and serve the families that we are walking with.  Will He change our course.....maybe.....but if He does, He will continue to LEAD and we will continue to FOLLOW.  The constant will always be to LOVE unconditionally and to be the family/community to people that are homeless or in crises.  

Go listen to this message that I heard this morning! And JOIN me and GLR in taking one step at a time following His lead wherever that might take you!


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