When I was a camp director, we used this example as a training exercise: If you are walking along and see a piece of trash laying on the ground and you continue to walk by it and say,"Someone should pick that up!"  YOU should then say, " I am SOMEBODY!"

Today this is ringing true to me!  We are in the middle of a tough tough hosting situation!  We have 3 beautiful kids in our home that have been through way more than any 6, 9, and 12 year old should ever have to go through.  They are sweet, kind, and loving but they are also irritable, angry, hyper, and hurting.  Subtract all of their emotional levels by 3 years or more but keep these kids in their physical ages and bodies.  A 9 year old that lashes out like a 5 or 6 year old.  It's hard and heartbreaking at the same time.

All 3 of these beautiful children are HIS creations!  He LOVES them therefore we LOVE them!  We want them to get the help they need, we want them to feel safe, we want them to feel loved and more than anything want them to know HIM and HIS LOVE!

At the same time, I worry for my kids and the hurt they are witnessing!  I am ok with them learning that the world is HARD and scary and that there are things that we can't even imagine but I also don't want them to be worried or hurting.

I struggle with what do we do?  Do we continue? Do we continue to help even though it is hard? Am I doing the right thing by my kids?  Am I doing the right thing by these 3 precious babies?

Therefore, each morning I come back to, "I am SOMEBODY!"  If not me, then who?  Who will show   these sweet babies the LOVE of GOD?  Who will show my kids how to walk forward in faith even when things are tough?

Each day I go to bed spent emotionally, mentally and physically but each morning I wake up, His mercies are new!  He is the reason we will continue to do the hard, He is the reason we will continue to LOVE!

I am incredibly grateful for a community and family that LOVES God, therefore they LOVE us and they LOVE us well!  I know that all of us will continue to get the extra TLC we need right now! We need you all to do what we do!

Unfortunately I have run up against some very negative attitudes and behaviors towards these precious babies...no patience and no hope seems to be communicated at times!  I pray that these people begin to see Christ's love and that each and every person is a child of God, deserving of His love, patience and kindness!  Grant me patience in dealing with these people!  Mama bear wants to come out!

Please know that we are safe!  We are heartbroken at times but that is ok!  Sometimes He needs to break our hearts for the things that He is heart broken for!  Please continue to PRAY for all involved! And now that from the bottom of our hearts, we truly feel and appreciate the prayers, family and community that are surrounding us!  God placed us here for such a time as this!

Also know that there are MANY GREAT moments in all of this!  Getting to support these kids, tuck them in at night, read to them, watch them play football the other neighborhood kids, watch them cope, watch them recite and want to recite every morning, "God, I trust that you are with me today!"  There is so much good in all the HARD!

sorry if I have rambled but I needed to write!!!!!


  1. Your words hit my heart so hard. I debate foster care repeatedly in my mind. The impact on our kids is always on my mind. But if not us then who. You are so right. Thank you for bearing your heart.


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