Join us at the Table

One of the staple furniture items in our house is a large table.  One of my favorite things to do is to fill that table with the people we love. It fills me with joy and happiness.

I continue to dream of the table that Grace Like Rain will fill with His people, His family.  We are dreaming of a home, a place that we can host 4 single moms and their children. A home where we can host trainings for our families.  A home where we can be a family.  A home where we can invite people to the table.  The table in my mind is huge!  And it makes me so excited to see this dream of the table filled with so many.

This morning, the Holy Spirit led me to Luke 14 to read, go read it!  This dream of the banquet table was given even more clearly!  

It will become a place where we can laugh together, cry together, grow together and just live life together.  

I am trusting God to make His dream come true. Because His dream is my dream also. The table needs a home and the home needs a family to make it possible.

So I am asking YOU to JOIN THE FAMILY!  Prayerfully consider becoming one of our first 50 Founding Families.  GLR is asking for $50 or more a month in giving to help make this dream and many more become possible!  God will make it happen, will you join us?

The Founding Family contributions have to be set up over the phone, so please call 940-294-6411 and we can get you set up!  You will get a Grace Like Rain T shirt and an invite to join us at the table for a Founding Families dinner.

HELP US FILL THE TABLE! - Email me to set up your monthly giving 
or call 940-294-6411



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