Realizing I am Not SuperWoman!

These past few weeks have been rough, I have to admit.  I threw my back out which is better now thanks to the chiropractor.....and now I have tendonitis in my wrist which shoots pain up my arm when I pick up the babies.  I have been struggling with what is best for me, my family, Grace Like Rain, the babies and their sweet mama who is working so hard.  I most definitely don't want to set her back but I also know that if I don't watch myself, then I am no good to anyone.

So through prayer and guidance from wise people, I figured out that I am not Super Woman. Therefore, I visited with the babies mama about securing childcare for her until her benefits through the Childcare Management system kick in.  She seemed very open to it and is going to go visit a few places today.  She also has an admission assessment test today for nursing school so please pray for her.  I know she is nervous.

I have decided that we can actually love them through giving towards their childcare, it doesn't mean we are giving up on them.  I also think that the stability of being with their mom and developing a routine will be better for them.  I know we will miss them like crazy but I am hoping that we will get to have them out on the weekends with mom and spend time together.  I hope that she will become a bigger part of our family.  She and these babies have stolen our hearts.

Her sweet family is one of the reasons I have felt the push to start Grace Like Rain.  She is working so hard to make a better life for her family but there are so many obstacles that could slow her down. GLR wants to partner with her by becoming a part of her family and support system.  We want to pick her up when she is down, we want to love her and pray for her and hopefully mentor and guide her through life's challenges.

My prayer and hope for Grace Like Rain is that we can partner with not only this sweet family but so many others that need a greater support system.  Sometimes that support looks like time and volunteers and sometimes that support looks like giving financially.  At this time, I am asking for the latter, GLR is hoping to help this sweet mom and me(so that I can focus on GLR so we can do more) with the child care for the twins until her other benefits kick in.  That is about $200 a week.  Although, I would love to build beyond that so that we have funds available to help families with the various things that we feel might be necessary.  We know that money might not aways be the answer and we do pray through each situation so that we feel confident that we are helping and not enabling.

So I am asking you to pray and if you feel lead to give to GLR so that we can serve these families, please do...currently we are working to set up our online monthly giving through the website but GLR has needs now.  If you would like to help us get started, you can do that by:

Mailing a check to Grace Like Rain, PO Box 213, Argyle, TX  76226
Paypal to email

Also, pray for me as I continue to remember that I am not Super Woman!!! ;)


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