Nothing like a Little Reminder

So yesterday, I threw my back out, I am not really sure how but I have the worst muscle spasm that I have ever had. The pain was excruciating and is slowly getting better.

As this happens in the middle of everything that is going on with starting Grace Like Rain, taking care of twin 1 year olds and just the normal of our crazy life....I am asking the question, "WHY NOW?"

And then, God reminds me:

I have a family around me that is AMAZING!!! Yesterday, when it happened, I called my aunt who dropped everything to help me with the babies while I went to the chiropractor to get some relief!  Then I have wonderful in laws, kids and a hubby who took over at home so that I could try to relax and also go to a scheduled meeting for GLR.  I had great friends that picked up my kids from school on short notice and then took care of them until I got home.  We made it through the mess of a unplanned emergency because God provided us with people to be His hands and feet.  It made me think of the twin's mom and so many others, and how they would be able to manage in a crisis moment like that.  It gave me clarity yet again as to why GLR is needed.

Then this morning, I read ch. 13 of "If" by Mark Batterson and it talks about suffering and turning it into eternal gain for Christ.  It talks about cancer, (I know, right?), "multiplier of God's glory," "assessing suffering through the eyes of eternity." "cancer diagnosis being the worst thing and the best thing that's ever happened to them." He talks about "Make each day count. Live like there is no tomorrow. and Do things that will live on after you die."

He talks about an event in his life that caused pain and suffering and about not wanting to go through something like that again, but also not wanting to trade it for anything.  He says, "You reckon differently after an experience like that."  Which is so true!
     side note:  I highly recommend reading "If" if you haven't!

So my take from all this is: how do we go through things like this whether small(throwing my back out) or big(cancer) and be grateful? How do we learn? How do we move forward? How do we leave behind a glimpse of His glory in us after we are gone?

Anyways, I am thanking God today for the pain in my back because it is a small reminder of the suffering that Christ went through for me!  The pain is compelling me to move forward!

I will update more detailed soon on Grace Like Rain and Safe Families for Children DFW but for now everything for SFFC DFW is on hold but there are some amazing people working on it.  GLR is moving full steam ahead in the meantime and God is providing some GREAT people for the team.


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