My Identity and Fear and Faith

This post has been brewing for about a week now, I think He has given me most of the pieces and finally the time to sit and write it so here goes.

Since starting this process with Grace Like Rain, I keep hearing Him tell me to "Ask Big" and to "Dream Big."  This theme keeps coming at me in many ways, BUT I have always had issues with doing this.....I think that if I ask for something little, then I won't fail.  It's more attainable BUT the truth is:

1. Failure doesn't define me because He defines me!  
      This last Sunday at church our sermon was on identity.  Here is the link so you can listen yourself. Our identity is found in someOne not someThing and it is built in little battles but exposed in big battles.   If our identity is in Christ, then what are we afraid of?  Which leads me to....

2.  Romans 8:28 "To those that are called according to His purpose"
      In Ch. 21 of "If"  Mark Batterson says, "When you believe that all things work together for good, it redefines the bad things that happen in your life.  The worst day of your life can turn into the best day.....It gives you quiet confidence that everything is going to be alright.  In fact, it reassures you that the best is yet to come."

He later states that, "God will use even the worst things that happen for your ultimate good - and His eternal glory."

     I have been through many things in my life that have shaped me and are continuing to shape me into the person He wants me to be.  Those things have shown me that Romans 8:28 is true, so why not let go of fear and step out in faith.

3. All it takes is a mustard seed of faith!  
   So again from "If" and a very wise friend that reminded me of this last night.  In Ch. 20 he teaches that we worry too much about the consequences in which we have no control over. The outcome is God's responsibility but planting and caring for the mustard seeds of faith is our job!  


I am going to be BOLD!  I am going to plant my mustard seed of faith and take care of it!  I am going to count on Him for the outcome!  I am going to watch Him make something beautiful of something so small!  

My mustard seed of faith is believing God for the vision of Grace Like Rain and my maintenance is the planning, organizing, reaching out, loving on families, etc....the outcome is yet to be determined but I know that He will do beautiful and amazing things with it. 

I love this song and it is such a great reminder of all of this!


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