Grace Like Rain and Safe Families for Children DFW Update

I wanted to give you an update and let you know about some changes to Safe Families for Children in the DFW area. Safe Families for Children is not currently placing children in the DFW area. They hope that will change shortly.  There is a team of people working on this but the volunteers in the Denton County did not want to lose momentum with the great things that are happening in the area. Personally, I felt God directing me to something new.  He used my time with SFFC DFW to build in me a desire and a heart to serve the kids and their families in a different way.   

So we have decided to launch a new non-profit called Grace Like Rain. Grace Like Rain will give every mom and dad a family to turn to when they need help.  We are committed to extending God’s love to families going through difficult circumstances by listening and helping them establish a vision, strategy and plan for growth. Our mission goes beyond hosting children for families in crisis. We want to make families stronger by equipping them to better care for themselves and their children.  That assistance can take many forms; parenting classes, counseling, budget assistance, etc. We are so excited about God's work in this area. I would love for you to join us on this mission by liking the Grace Like Rain Facebook page if you have not already.  Also, visit for more information.  The page is basic but it is up and running with updates on the way.  

We are continuing to pray for and with the Safe Families for Children movement here in the DFW area.  I know that God will do great things with it.  If you would like to follow this movement, please like the SFFC DFW page on Facebook. I will also be available to assist the new area leader when it gets up and running again.

GLR is moving full steam ahead. God has provided and is continuing to add to an amazing team of people to grow and build this ministry.  We are working out the details and preparing to launch our Founding Families campaign.  We are asking God to provide us with 50 families that will commit to $50 a month or MORE in giving to support and grow this ministry. He has already provided us with 3 families in 1 day of asking. YAY! Please pray for this campaign and if you want to be a part of the Grace Like Rain Founding Family, please email me at  I can give you more information and I would love to sit down with you personally and share the vision and my passion for what God is going to do!


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