The Next Chapter

God has used me and many others in this area to officially start:
Giving every mom and dad a family to turn to when they need help!

In my last post, I started mapping out several of the times in my life that have lead up to this moment.   He plants seeds along the way that cultivate over time and grow into something BIG. And I am a firm believer that God uses the hard times in our lives to build us and make us His.  He used the hard times of being a single mom and cancer along with many others to grow in me a passion and desire to serve others.  A passion to be His hands and feet.  A passion to extend God’s love and grace in ways that don’t make sense to the world. Since moving to Argyle almost 2 years ago, God has placed many amazing people in my life that share this same vision.  Many people that want to serve and love families in a way that doesn’t make sense, to mentor and walk with single moms struggling to make ends meet, to teach families how to thrive as a family, to share God’s love and His grace. So now is the time to make it official, to work with the people He has placed around me and to continue to serve families and to make what we are doing better.  That is Grace Like Rain.

I never would have imagined when we moved to Argyle over a year and a half that He was going to use me to birth a new ministry to serve families in our area. But He has and He has made it pretty clear. Josh and I have been praying about this for a several months but within in the last 2 weeks, we decided to hit the ground running. Within that time, he has taken our board from 4 to 8 people, he has provided 4 solid woman to serve in very significant positions on the staff.  He is continually providing His people to join this team but we still need more. I am fully aware that it will take a  great team of people to create, grow and maintain this vision and mission. He can't do this without His people saying YES!

So, here is my ask:

1. Please consider praying for our team and this ministry! When we move forward in BIG things, satan attacks. I know God is bigger than any of that but I also know that we all need to be covered in prayer.

2. Over the next weeks and months, we have a lot to do to get this off the ground and running. We are sensing a right now urgency and that is requiring us to move quick to get things accomplished. One of the hopes for Grace Like Rain is that we will become a hub for Safe Families for Children. The DFW implementing site has recently stepped away from the program. We do not want to stop the movement of compassion that is happening in this 30 mile radius around Argyle so we are moving full steam ahead. And trusting that God has the details under control. I have a team working diligently on this aspect. So please pray for SFFC and that the details work out.

3. We need His people so if you want to get involved and/ or just learn more, please reach out. It will take many people with many talents to get this going. As soon as the website is live, we will spell out some detailed needs. I will post it soon.

4. Starting a ministry from the ground up takes money! We are working on a website and hopefully will at least have something basic within a couple weeks but in the meantime, I ask you to pray and if you feel lead to give to our start up costs, (6 months of phone, hotline number for families calling for help, business cards, hotline cards, 6 months of storage space, and many more) please do!  

5. We are also realizing to continue this movement with Safe Families for Children we will need funding to help cover the overhead expenses with a new implementation agency. Please pray and if you feel lead to donate to SFFC in this area, please let me know. When we have a structure outlined, I will direct in where to give that support.

I am believing BIG things for GLR and SFFC and all the families we will be fact, many of the team think I am crazy! 

So here is an opportunity for you to be a part of His family at Grace Like Rain
and help us with the start up costs! 
Our goal for start up costs is $5,000 by April 30th. 
Help us reach it!

Just use this icon in the top right column of my blog or
email me at
and I can send you the mailing address if you would rather donate by check.

(we are in the process of filing for Federal Tax Exempt Status)

Please know that I plan on reaching out to many of you on a personal basis and hosting many info sessions in this area but just as He did with my cancer story, I feel He will use this blog as a way for me to reach out and share what He is doing.


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