A 10 Year Old View

Tucker asked me last night, "What is Grace Like Rain?"

I explained to him how we want to come alongside and serve families that are struggling.  How we want to provide better resources for the parents of some of our Safe Families kids.

HIs response, "Oh, I get it....Grace Like Rain will focus on the moms and dads and Safe Families for Children will focus on the kids!"

I said yes, that pretty much sums it up.

He then asked, " But mom, we are still going to host kids with Safe Families while we do Grace Like Rain?"

My answer, "OF COURSE!  That is the whole reason Grace Like Rain was started.....not to stop what we are already doing but to do more!"

Last night as we drove to pick the twins we are hosting and have dinner with their mom, I was reminded ever so sweetly through my 10 year old why we do this....these sweet babies and their momma are teaching our entire family so much about compassion and love.

Please continue to pray for Safe Families for Children in this area...SFFC needs an implementing site....and SFFC needs the funds to pay a staff person at that site.  The rest is up to volunteers and we have MANY of those.

Also, please pray that God will continue to develop and grow Grace Like Rain into what He wants it to be.  Prayerfully partnering with whatever implementation agency is found for SFFC.


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