Things Have Been Crazy Around Here.....

It's been really crazy around here for the last 48 hours or so but it's been a GOOD kind of crazy!  We accepted the call to host 1 year old twins.  They are so adorable and sweet and cuddly but man, it has not been easy.

This picture kind of explains how the twins feel.  They have been in this phase of just trying to figure out who all these new people and faces are.  Overall, they are doing well.  We have definitely had some very cranky fussy babies though.  Each hour it gets better though.  They are playing more on their own and we are learning how to live with an extra two.

They are beginning to trust us and realize that we are ok.  I know they miss their momma though.  The first day and half, the little boy seemed to looking for her and crying the entire day, which makes what we are doing even more worth it.  Momma loves these babies and they love her.  Prayerfully, we will be able to walk alongside mom so she can accomplish the things she needs to.

We will continue to love these little ones the best we know how.  Please pray for them and their momma.

I have major respect for moms of multiples!  We would not be able to do this with sanity if it wasn't for the community we have surrounding us.  Thanks to my mother in law, friends and neighbors who have spent time holding them and will spend time holding and loving them!!!!

Now, I have to get back to the madhouse.......keep on loving the best you can!


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