So, Let's Be Honest

So yesterday, I talked about nobody's perfect but loving through our imperfection. Today, I want to be honest and real!

My deepest, sincerest relationships in life are with the people that I am the most REAL with.  They know me.  They have struggled with me and loved me through those struggles.  They have seen my pain and loved me through my pain.  They have seen my joy and celebrated it with me.

After cancer, I have to admit that life was different, very different.  I looked at things through a different lens.  I was surrounded by these people that loved me for me!  I have to admit though that after cancer, I was struggling to form many of those sincere relationships.  I was struggling to be real.    I quickly realized though that the people that I wanted to surround myself with though were the people that loved me in spite of me.  They loved me because I am quirky, silly, sometimes to serious, sometimes to opinionated, and well,  not perfect!

I want people to know that I have struggled.  I want people to know my mistakes in my teen years, in my early married years, in my parenting years, in my NOW years.  I don't ever want someone to look at me and think that I have it all together.  I really am a hot mess and I want you to know it.  I truly believe that this is the only way we learn.  The only way we grow because I guarantee that whatever I am struggling with, someone else has struggled with it also.  And if we can learn from each others successes and failures, then maybe our time of struggle might be a little shorter.  And everything is better when you are doing it with people that love you!

I have learned though that it is easy to admit and be real when you are going through something like cancer or something that was dealt to you not chosen.  But admitting and being real when you are struggling with a teen that might stray of the expected path or an addiction problem or depression or anything else that results from our own sins, then we tend to run and hide.  Just imagine though, being able to freely admit that we are not perfect and that we need extra LOVE at certain times in our life, people can truly then be the Hands and Feet of God.  This will probably cause some hurt and it will require weakness but trust me that when we are weak, He is strong.

With that being said, we also have to not judge or criticize or compare.  We need to simply LOVE and support. We need to remember that what someone else is going through might not be exactly what I went through but that I have gone through many really hard and awful things also.  My sin and failures are not their sins and failures but I have sinned just the same. Through love, a relationship is built, through that relationship, truth can be spoken but unconditional love has to help build that trust so that we can hear.  And really folks, in the end, God is ALWAYS in control.  If we can let him have that control and just do what we know how which is LOVE then He can do His best work!


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