Failure and Fear

Looking back at my blog today made me realize I need to write…and I am too lazy to physically write in a journal…and I love the social interaction with people that comes with my blog…so here goes nothing!

Lately, I have been really questioning…

Am I failing my kids…
      because I don't pray with them enough
      because I don't take them to church enough
      because I give them too much freedom
      because I don't give them enough freedom
      because I yell and get frustrated
      because I am too selfish
      because I pay too much attention to one over the other

Am I failing my husband….
      because I pay too much attention to my kids
      because I am so tired when he gets home, I am often frustrated and angry
      because I don't always like to do the same things he does
      because I don't always understand him and his needs

Am I failing myself….
       because I don't spend enough time in the Word
       because I don't always eat healthy
       because I pay too much attention to others
       because I don't focus enough on enjoying life
       because I get frustrated easy

Am I failing God….

and on and on it goes….you get the idea.

I am just now realizing that the common theme in all of these is I!  I am focusing too much on what I and doing and not on what He is doing. That is why I fear so much…because fear of failure can be a horrible beast that can consume your every thought.  I need to stop fearing and start focusing on the one and only that can conquer all fear.

On good days, I know the truth and I stay there….but on bad days….the beast enjoys the feast.

So, how do you conquer your fears….what are your tricks….how do you stay focused?


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