Best Valentine's Day Ever

This Valentine's day, I struggled with what to do for my kids...normally I buy them each something small and some candy. My kids do not need any more stuffed animals or candy. Therein lies my struggle.

So this year, I decided to do something different. During my morning coffee prayer time and my perusal of Facebook, I got an idea! There are many people who don't like Valentines day because they don't have a significant other and I wanted to help change that. I have also been thinking a lot about random acts of kindness because of my cousins blog.  I love the idea that she has come up with.

Therefore I decided to pack my kids up after school and head to the store to buy a bunch of flowers and some candy. We then headed out to the mall where we met up with my sister in law and her kids and a good friend. There, our kids started handing out flowers and candy to just about everyone they saw. They simply told them Happy Valentine's Day and gave them a treat with a card that said, "You are loved." Simple and easy but wow, we were amazed at the impact it made on the people around us and our very own kids.

Tucker told me multiple times that this was the "BEST VALENTINE'S DAY EVER!" Rylan and Tucker both kept talking about how happy people were when they got their treat. Adyson had a blast telling people "Happy Valentine's Day!" One group of sales girls, went on and on about how sweet our kids were. One girl said, "I don't even like this holiday, but I think this might just change my mind." Another lady was so excited and happy, she asked if she could kiss my kids on the cheek. (That made Tucker turn three shades of red.) My nieces and nephews had an incredible time also. Many people asked to take their pictures. Several women instagrammed our kids.

Many people stopped and asked us, "Why are you doing this?" Our answer was simple, "To share God's love or our love." I wanted this to be a simple sharing of the love God's given us and nothing more. I wanted to share joy. I wanted to make someone smile who otherwise might not on this special day. I can happily say my goal was accomplished.

When we left, Tucker hugged me and asked, "Mom, can we do this again tomorrow?"

I know my kids will remember the joy they shared this Valentines day way more than any stuffed animal I could have given them. And yes, we will definitely be doing this again!


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