Happy Belated 8th Birthday Ry

Rylan turned 8 at the beginning of March and it is the end of April, I know....but I have a few excuses.... We celebrated Ry's birthday with the family actually on his birthday.  Then nearly a month later on the weekend of his older sister's birthday, we had a massive birthday party with his friends.  He invited 20 something kids and around 24 made it to the party.  I have never been more thankful for a gigantic backyard than that day.  Rylan and his buddies played kick ball and wiffle ball nearly the entire time.  We also had a moon bounce and a water slide that kept the boys entertained.  Rylan mentioned that it was the best birthday party EVER.  I think they had a lot of fun.
We did a popcorn, peanut and crackerjacks baseball theme. 

A note to you my son:

Rylan you love baseball and I love to watch you play and learn the sport.  You are an eager learner and you watch and observe soaking it all in every chance you get. 

This is your first year on a travel team and you are excelling and learning so much.  You are learning how to pitch like your cousin Ryan and also playing 3rd base.
This year you have developed quite the sense of humor.  You love to come home and tell us a new joke that you have learned. 

You and Tucker are still inseperable. I love the way you teach and love your little brother.

You are compassionate to all younger kids.  I love to watch you play with your cousins.  You are always open to playing their games and teaching them new ones.  I also love the way you try to make sure everyone fits in.  You love everyone!

You have a gentle heart which sometimes causes upset when learning that life is not always easy.  When dealing with my cancer, you were a champ.  You prayed with me and knew that everything was going to be OK.

Rylan, I love you and I am truly enjoying watching you grow up...although I would love if you would slow down a little.

Happy Birthday little man.


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