The Blessed Chaos of Family

When I created my blog several years ago, I was trying to come up with a creative and catchy name that would summarize what I wanted to write about.  Two of the most important things in my life are my family and God.  I truly am blessed everyday by the family that God has blessed me with (this includes my immediate family and my very large extended family).  Because of the size of our family and the amount of kids that are usually around our house, I feel like I live in a constant state of chaos.  Chaos could be a bad thing but I choose to see it as a blessing(at least I try most days).  I love the constant activity around my house.  Therefore the name, The Blessed Chaos of Family, was born. 

Last weekend we moved into our new house.  Everything went really well and yes we still have boxes to unpack and plenty of stuff to do but we are here and at a point of functionality.  As I sit in my house, I can't help but dream about all of the chaos that will happen in these walls.  You see, I ask for a lot of the chaos that happens here.  I love to have our house filled with people that we love and care about.  I pray that God will use this house and our family to love and care for the people around us.  I am so excited and blessed to be where I am.  I just hope I can be patient enough to finish my treatments first.

I pray that chaos will abound in this house and I pray that God will use the chaos to bless others and I pray that I will always choose to see the blessing among the chaos.

Here are a few updates as to live around the Conner house:

Mikaelyn is doing great at the new school.  She is making new friends daily and I am truly seeing a happier and friendlier child.

Rylan and Tucker jumped right in at school.  They both seem to be doing really well and they love their new teachers(although we miss the old ones too). 

Champ is also adjusting well to the new house.  He is spoiled rotten like my kids and not yet potty trained but overall he is a good dog.

Rylan turned 8 yesterday! (a birthday post will be cooing soon)

Adyson is loving the new house and puppy.

Kade is doing well.  He did not change schools.  Baseball has begun and is consuming a lot of his time.

My thyroid biopsy came back NEGATIVE!  It is just a benign polyp.  There is no reason to do anything further at this point.

I have my 5th treatment on Tuesday. 

My sister in law and niece and nephew are coming to visit today and will be here for a week!!!  YAY!

I am having some nerve issues in my feet and hands because of the chemo.  It basically feels like my feet are constantly asleep.  Please pray for wisdom as to how to handle this.  There are medications I can take but of course they come with side effects so I have not decided if I want to do that.

Love, ME


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