Scan Results

My doctor's nurse called today with 3 things:

1.  My bloodwork is good so I am free to go to Cancun.  YAY...4 days of relaxing on the beach...bring it on.

2.  My CT scan showed 2 things that the doctor is going to look into further.  My right side of my thyroid is enlarged so they are ordering an ultrasound of my thyroid. There is also a small postage stamp size spot in my pelvis.  They are ordering a PET scan to see if it is active or not.  She didn't seem overly concerned with either, just ordering further tests.  These results are not overly concerning to me either at this point.  This was my very first scan and if that is all they found, I feel pretty blessed.  I think that if they were going to scan anyone and be looking at it with the fine tooth comb they are mine, they would probably find something small to take another look at.  This is nothing God can't handle.

3.  My next chemo will be done in patient so that they can monitor my heart.  I will be given extra fluids and be watched closely.  She said I should only be there Tuesday and Wednesday, going home Wednesday evening.

Love, Me


  1. Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you in Cancun, getting scanned & inpatient.


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