Just and Update and a Little Thankfulness

Last week was my 4th treatment and I can know officially say I am 2/3rds of the way done!  YES!!!  I did the last treatment inpatient which I think helped because I got plenty of extra fluids.  Other than being really tired and nauseaous on Thursday and Friday, I didn't have too many other side effects.  I am thankful that it is over with and that I only have 2 more to go.  I am also extremely thankful for the clear PET scan. I did have a reaction to 1 of the anti nauseau meds they give me before my treatments.  I can no longer take this med but prayerfully it won't effect my treatments much.

I have my fine needle biopsy of my thyroid on Tuesday afternoon.  We will see what happens with that...but I am not too concerned.  Whatever it is or isn't, God is in control!

This is the BIG week of the move.  We are so excited and I am a little overwhelmed.  I am at the point, I don't really know what direction to go.  I am really trying not to stress though. I know one way or another it will all get done. I am extremely excited and thankful for this move.  We can not wait to be in a quieter neighborhood for multiple reasons.  I am praying that it will be easier to get to know our neighbors.  We are looking forward to being able take walks together and to let the kids ride their bikes without worrying about traffic.  It will also be nice to really plant roots and feel at home.

We also added to our family this last week.  YES I AM CRAZY!!! (we have established this)  We had told the kids that we would get a puppy when we moved to the new house and I finished my treatments.  But there is a new puppy store in town and we thought we would start researching puppies and getting Ady used to a dog so we went to visit the store.  Well, my husband and my kids fell in love with an Italian Greyhound that we have named Champ.  I couldn't say no to 6 sets of puppy dog eyes looking at me and saying PLEASE!  He is adorable and I must say I am pretty fond of him.  He is my type of dog, he pretty much just sits in someones lap and sleeps. 

This morning, I am thankful for many things:

Ady's joy over the dog
Ady's joy over music and watching her dance
Mikaelyn's excitement and responsibility she is taking with the dog
Tucker cuddling with the dog before school
Rylan being responsible and taking the dog out to walk
Camp and the fact the registrations have doubled in the last week
All the new campers we will get to meet this year
My friends
The time I got to spend with my friend Amy from Texas
Upcoming visits from family

I could go on and on but I will stop because I need to do lots of other stuff....but I will try to remember to thank God for all the little things in my life throughout the next few days.  I will try to not get overwhelmed and grumpy.  When I start to get that way, I will stop and count my blessings.

Love, ME


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