Music and Television

I have been having this constant conversation about music and tv and video games and the effects they have on your life, constantly for the last 5 years with my older kids. Lately, it is Mik and yes it is Kade too but his moments are a little less.

I am tired of the battle and this is kind of the stance I am taking: I am starting to ask them a few questions:
1. What is your end goal in your relationship with God?

2. Is the music , tv, or video games causing you to desire worldly ways over Eternal ways.

3. Are you embarrassed to play them out load at church or in front of your grandparents?

God is showing me daily that the things you fill your mind, heart, time, and soul with are so important. So I have started to filter a lot. Answering question 1 for me, I desire to grow closer and deeper with God daily and I feel like by doing that, I need to only feel my head with good books, Bible, good music, and much more. The answer to question 2 for me is this, If I watch something or listen to something that cause me to desire worldly ways, then it is wrong and I should quit watching or take it off the playlist. the question to answer 3 is definitely if I am embarrassed to watch it with my kids, I have to think twice. Granted I watch everyday television but if it is something that really pushes the limit, I have to filter what they are trying to do with the issue. Are they trying to make us understand the issue or are they rubbing in our faces. If it is the later, I stop watching.

Anyways, I know that as my children's desire for God becomes what they want first in their lives, they will hopefully go back and read this post.

For know, I would truly LOVE some engaging conversations through my comments section. I would love some ideas, questions and concerns voiced with LOVE! Let's talk!


  1. Sweet Michelle, this is such a tough one! Today's teens are so tied to technology that it is hard to have face-to-face conversations without them becoming confrontational sometimes. Brad and Donelle have been fighting this battle for several years with SP, mostly over the music he listens to. BUT, just as your two teens, he is deeply involved in his church and watching his interactions with others is so encouraging. I know Kade and Mik both have solid Christian backgrounds and they will always remember the good you and Josh have taught them. All I can really say is PRAY!! I'm sure my parents felt the same about me when I was in love with Elvis (you know, Grandma's favorite). God is with you and all your sweet kiddos and he has all the plans for their future. This is the toughest part....having faith, that when the time comes, they will do the right thing. Funny....this faith thing gets easier for me as I get older. And no, it's not because I have it all figured out or because I don't make mistakes or sin. But knowing that God loves me and that He is in control is all I can really depend on. Not sure any of this makes sense...just came from my heart. xoxo Nila

  2. So encouraging to me as a mom! I don't have teens yet, but will someday. This brings me back to what my parents used to say to me growing up. I didn't always make the right decision, but SO thankful when I did. It truly protected my mind and heart. Thank you for sharing Michelle:)

  3. I was thinking about this after I left the other night (you know, after I heard the song about the stupid gardening tool). It will sink in with them in time, but not until the conviction is theirs. I was reminded of when I first started to walk with the Lord- I understood that I needed to stop drinking because, at the time, it was illegal. I didn't understand, though, why people made it such a big deal that I change the way I spoke- why did it REALLY matter if I swore? I remember several conversations about my language with people. All the wisdom and seemingly convincing arguments weren't enough to convict me. It wasn't until the Holy Spirit really spoke to me about it, though, that I was willing to better monitor what came out of my mouth. Basically, Romans 14. Until I had/have strong convictions about something, no one else could change my opinion about it... and that's ok with the Lord.
    That's where I got with my processes Monday night.

  4. Ha! I'm glad I read the comments before typing this one... because I was going to say the same thing as Cree. Nothing got through to me on this topic before I let the Holy Spirit work in my heart. The wisdom of my parents and leaders was foolishness to my ears until filtered through the heart changing sanctification of the Holy Spirit.

    I've been thinking a lot about the work He still has to do in me. What things do I see as foolishness today but will know as wisdom after I've let Him in?

  5. Michelle, I said before, I believe God is using you to reach
    others, I had also talked to Mik about watching things that you wished she didn't. As I reread your blog yesterday, God
    spoke to me concerning some of the material I watched. I would not want to watch it with my Loved ones. All of you know I am refering to my 2 soaps I was hooked, yes hooked on. I believe God spoke to my heart, and so as I prayed about this situation, I got up and canceled the taping of them both. I no longer want to watch the saga of Victor and Niki, or Sonny and Carla. I can use that time for a better cause. Thank you Michelle. See you can even teach your Grandma.

    1. I love you Grandma! I admire you for giving up your soaps. I still have some shows that I need to give up also. For some reason, it is much easier for me to give up the bad music than it is for me to quit watching some of my shows.

      Some of the shows Mikaelyn and I watch together do provide opportunities for us to discuss situations that she or her friends might be presented with in this world.

      TV and music will continue to be a struggle between living in the World and not of the World.


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