Merry Christmas

Today I am thankful for so many things....
Beautiful and amazing children to spend the day with
A caring and compassionate husband to raise our family with

Extended family galore both near and far to make the day much brighter
Food that actually tasted good today
Energy to enjoy the day from sun up to sun down

Cameras to catch the joy... (here are a few of my favorite shots)

Today was great.  I actually felt good and was able to enjoy the entire day with my kids and family.  The first couple of days after my treatment were so hard that I was beginning to wonder if I was going to be able to make it through 3 months of this.  I am so thankful that beginning yesterday afternoon and through the day today, I have a much renewed heart and spirit.  Each day brings it's own surprises but if I can have the energy to make it through a day like today, then I know I can get through this.  I have now seen how hard this road can and will be but I have also seen how joyful and peaceful it can be too.  So yes, I will have days that I feel like doing absolutely nothing and I will need lots of help, humility, and prayers.  But yes, I will also have days where I can sit and enjoy the love that God has surrounded me with and I pray that even on the good days, I remember to give thanks to the God that made them all happen.

Because I have kids and I am a camp director, I have this song stuck in my head.... no, I don't know this little girl but she sure is adorable and I think she captures the song perfectly.

Love, ME


  1. So thankful for the renewal of your spirit on Christ's birthday. Praying for the strength to find the thankfulness each and everyday. I am reading SoulTalk right now, and I thought you when he is dealing with cancer and wrote "No - the tennis ball sized tumor didn't suddenly disappear...I realized that every hard thing we endure can put us in touch with our desire for God, and every trial can strengthen our desire until it becomes the consuming passion of life." I am so sorry you are feeling pain but I pray you feel God's presence. Big Hugs!


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