A Few New Dos

Today, I went and got my hair cut and bought a couple wigs.  My mom and my friend, Amy went with me and it was lots of fun.  Amy actually blogged the whole thing on her blog so please choose here to see her post.

We had lots of fun today and I really am trying to enjoy this journey.  I will post more later.

If I do not post again before tomorrow, please pray with us in the morning.  My first treatment is at 9:00 a.m.

Also, many people have asked if they can help by bringing a meal or anything else.  The answer is yes but there are way too many awesome people willing to help that I can't remember who all to send this to. So I am posting the food link here.  I will also try to get my good friend Amy who is so much more technological able to put the link in the sidebar of my blog.

Thank you all so much for everything you have done and are conitnuing to do for us.

Love, Me


  1. Long hair, short hair, light hair, dark hair, no hair...it doesn't matter. You are beautiful and inspiring. Praying for you...

    <3 S

  2. Hi Michelle:) just wanted to let you know I am thinking about you and praying for an easy spirit for tomorrow. You are in good hands and you have so many family and friends rooting for you. Make sure you bring a favorite blanket or pillow or something from home that you can rest with while you are getting your treatment:)

    Much love to you,

    Love Emily

  3. Michelle, I find that it really helps to have books or newspapers to read, socks (preferably with non-skid on the bottom) or slippers, and a working smartphone. Oh and snacks, for those long days when your appointment is 6-8 hours! The steroids make most people hungry, myself included, and you can't get up & leave to go to the cafeteria. Your wigs and your new haircut are really cute!


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