Waiting Yet Again

My second surgery was on Wednesday...everything went well and I am at home recovering.  The doctor told Josh and my mom that the frozen biopsy from this surgery is showing conflicting results from the last surgery.  It does look like cancer that was in the ovaries.  Now we just have to wait again for the pathology to come back.  5 - 10 days of waiting to hear...

Is it for sure, ovarian cancer?
What stage is the cancer at?  Was it contained to the ovaries or was it other places?
What kind of chemo treatment am I going to need if it is cancer?

So I look at it 2 ways:
1. I can sit and stress and be depressed while I wait to hear the results.
2. I can know that I am in God's hands and that He is in control.  I can accept this and use it for His glory.

I am choosing the second way but don't get me wrong, the first way is tempting sometimes.  It has been awesome, because God seems to know when I am drifting towards the first, and I get a text, facebook message, phone call, or email from just the right person with just the right scripture for the moment. 

God only knows what lays ahead for us.  But we can continue to trust Him and we can continue to look for the ways He is moving. 


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