This One Might Be Cheesy

I giving everyone a fair warning including myself, this one might have some cheese involved..... I am finding that on days full of boring, mundane tasks and chores that I don't enjoy, I tend to be grumpy and I complain a lot...Part of the point of the book One Thousand Gifts is practice makes perfect.  Translated, even when I don't feel full of thanks, I should practice being thankful with my mouth and then my heart will hopefully begin to follow.  Coming from a sports family that uses the phrase practice makes perfect quite goes nothing:

61.  Watching the little kids sit and have snack at church. (Sunday)
62.  A Church that has amazing children's programs.
63.  The preschoolers singing and dancing with praises to God.
64.  The sun shining although briefly on a cold morning.
65.  Loving volunteers to take care of and teach my children on a Sunday morning.
66.  Family and friends to help with a screaming toddler at dinnertime.
67.  A screaming toddler at dinnertime. (Yes I could do without the screaming but I couldn't imagine life without Ady.)
68.  Friends to visit with. (Monday)
69.  Mikaelyn to help with the laundry even if it is begrudgingly.
70.  Kade and Mikaelyn to help with the dishes.  Even when I have to finish the task, I am thankful they at least got it started.
71.  Delicious food to cook.
72.  Yummy fall treats....warm apple fritters.
73.  All my children.....and each of their personalities.
74.  A washer and dryer to do laundry with.  (Tuesday)
75.  Warm showers.
76.  A toddler that wants my attention all the time.
77.  Cartoons and music to make my toddler smile, sing, and dance.

Prayerfully by starting my day off with thanks, I will remember when I retreat into complaining, to give thanks instead. 

A friend of mine posted on Twitter yesterday this: "PRO TIP:  Instead of using #firstworldproblem to whine with impunity, try reflecting on how blessed you are and then not whine about it."

Thanks, friend...I really needed to read that yesterday.  Because really, I am truly blessed and even in the hard moments, there are blessings and gifts to give thanks for.


  1. I had a GREAT time hanging out yesterday! I love you a lot and love this series you're posting.


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