78. The changing color of the leaves.
79.  My mom.
80.  Giggling with Ady.
81.  Tucker's dreaming...
82.  Fall weather
83.  My kid's energy
84.  My dad.
85.  Girl's nights out painting pottery.
86.  My hard-working husband.
87.  My hubby's job...(even though it keeps him long hours lately)
88.  Staying home with my kids.
89.  Upcoming visits from family.
90.  Perspective
91.  Engagement stories and pictures of family.
92.  Friend's pregnancies
93.  Joy of adoption
94.  Doctors

I have been feeling rather rough for the last few weeks and am finding it hard to focus on the positive and instead find myself dwelling in my pain....  This most definitely does not make me feel better and in reality makes me much more stressed... Therefore today I am starting the day with thanks and praying that through this practice of stating my thanks, my heart will continue to see the positive throughout my day.....


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