Some More Gifts

40.  Crickets singing.
41.  Blankets of fog covering the earth.
42.  Leaves drifting down from the tress above.
43.  Giggling with Ady as she tries to bite my nose.
44.  Lunch with my brother and his fmaily on his birthday.
45.  Family that calls just to check on me.
46.  Thunder rumbling
47.  Tucker asking for a one eyed fish for Christmas and he says that's all he wants.  (Good thing because it might take a while to find that one.)
48.  The excitement of my boys over learning how to make cootie catchers.
49.  The way the 2 boys play so well together.  (most the time)
50.  Phone calls with far away friends that feel like we are right next door.
51.  Josh making it home to go to Rylan's baseball practice.


  1. So, I finally read some blog posts today and just finished reading the first four installments of your Gifts.

    LOVE IT!!

    Seriously wonderful.


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