A Full Day of Blessings

So the kids were out of school today and we had a great but busy day.  I am sitting on the couch exhausted and tired at the moment.  Instead of stressing and worrying about what still needs to be done, I think I will remember the gifts from today.....
52.  Dimples
53.  Gentle breezes on a sunny afternoon.
54.  Afternoon playtime at the park.
55.  Dog ears on little girls particularly Ady.

56.  Smiles when I rewarded Mikaelyn with getting to color her hair after a hard day of work at cleaning her room.
57.  Motivation that works.
58. Haircuts that put smiles on my boys faces.
59.  Excitement of Rylan teaching himself how to ride a bike without training wheels.

60.  Strawberry donuts with sprinkles.


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