Day 2

12.  The wind blowing in my hair.
13.  The inticacies of a hibiscus flower.
14.  Avocado eggrolls from Cheesecake Facotry and the person who created the recipe.
15.  The beauty of lightening.
16.  Laughing with my hubby.
17.  Families praying together before breakfast.
18.  The sound of kids palying in the pool reminding me of my own at home.
19.  Texts from a friend about my baby girl that make me smile because of my the mental picture they create.
20.  The songs of birds calling.
21.  The details and beauty of all the different types of trees.
22.  Reflections off a glasslike lake.
23.  Wings of a dragonfly.
24.  The slithering of a snail.
25.  The smell of the ocean after a rain.
26.  Puddles to splash in.
27.  The wrapping of a vine up the trunk of a tree.

So tonight is the last night of our vacation and I am already thinking of how I will remember to be thankful in the midst of day to day chaos once we return home.  Today I tried to recognize God each time I saw something beautiful created by His hands.  Tomorrow, I plan to do the same...but I know when the kids are fighting at the dinner table or running around the house screaming or ignoring me when I tell them it is time for bed, that it will take a very conscious effort not to retreat into an angry yelling mess.  I pray that I can recognize the beauty in each of my kids in these moments of stress, I pray that I can recognize the lessons that can be learned, and I pray that they will see grace and thankfulness written all over my actions.


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