The Beginning of Something New

So this story starts when my sister in law told the book "One Thousand Gifts" was a must read.  I picked it up yesterday when my husband and I left for a vaction jsut the 2 of us for his birthday.  I am 40% of the way through it and it is changing my perspective on life.  Anyways, I am not going to tell you too much about the book because you need to pick it up and read it with your Bible by your side. 

I have a hard time blogging because I am not the wittiest or best writer and I have a hard time thinking up what to write but I now have an idea that I think will help me.  In the book, the author was challenged to write a list of 1000 gifts from God.  I love the idea so much , I am going to start my own blog of 1000 or more gifts. 

Now I know, I am  not the 1st one to do this or will I be the last but since camp is over again and for some reason I always get a little philosophical around this time of year, I was already recognizing the little things in life.  I am remembering that fact that sometimes it is more important to sit down and relish in the moment or the glory and grace of God, than to finish what you are doing.  It is always amazing to me, that when I do this, the tasks I need to do seem more pleasant and they do get finished eventually. 

Anyways to help me blog and to help me remember all the wonderful blessings(even the hard ones) in my life, I am starting this list.  I hope there will be pictures, I hope that they bless anyone that reads this too, I hope that my kids read them, I hope that I reread them on the hard days, I hope that my sometimes silly childlike enthusiam over the simple things spills out onto this blog, I hope that it makes me smile more often,  I hope that it makes me always remember to slow down and smell the roses, and I hope that I am always thankful for everything that God is.....

1.  Vacations for just my husband and I.
2.  Time to recooperate, rest and refill.
3.  The excitement in Tucker's voice last night when he told me he had a field trip tomorrow (even though I think he was mistaken and the field trip is coming up)
4.  The sand in my swim suit that reminds me of the beach.
5. The memories of my boys running from the waves at the beach.

6.  The little geckos that are running all over the place in Florida.
7.  Friends and family that take great pictures.
8.  The giant tarpon fish that we were able to watch swim and be fed while we were eating dinner last night.

9.  Friends willing to take care of my five crazy kids! (especially while we vacation)
10.  The ability to fly in an airplane and see the world from above.
11.  The puffiness of the clouds.

to be continued....


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