Camp Time Again

It's the middle of June and I am full force into camp planning.  I now have 6 work days left before I leave for Texas with my family for a family reunion and a wedding.  YAY, I am so excited for seeing and spending time with family. 

The whole kink in all of this is that Rylan has been sick since Sunday.  Thankfully I have an AMAZING babysitter, I know is truly sent to us by God, that has cared for him the last 3 days.  Last night I made the decision to work from home today and to let her take the 2 little ones.  It is a good thing I made this decision because now Tucker is running a fever.  So today, the babysitter is taking Ady and I am staying home to work and nurse 2 sick little boys.

In the midst of all of this, I should and normally would be totally stressed out BUT....I am not.  I am thanking God daily for the wonderful caring woman that he brought into my kid's lives to care and love them.  She even told me that she has made it her self-given purpose, too make my life a little easier, which she has. She is truly a blessing when I am trying to direct a camp for over 200 kids, 5 weeks, and 23 staff plus run a family of 5 children and a husband who is working over 50 hours a week. 

Also, I am thanking God daily for an amazing staff/friends.  I am not stressed about things getting done for camp.  The senior staff team is amazing and has and will continue to plow through tasks.  And our counselor staff is more than willing to jump in and help.  Camp is truly blessed this year with an AMAZING team therefore I am truly blessed.

I LOVE CAMP, I LOVE MY FAMILY, and I LOVE GOD!  He has been faithful to me in both.  These hiccups in the road only make us stronger.... Please pray with me for health in my family and also my friends who have been around my family.  Also, please pray for camp, that lives will be strengthed and that God will be glorified through everything we do!


  1. Amen!

    I'm glad you made it through this last week with minimal stress. I'm praying that your trip is relaxing and that we're ready for you when you return.

    I LOVE YOU!!


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