Happy Belated 12th Birthday Mikaelyn!

So this year has brought about many changes.  You started middle school which brought about lots of growing up in many ways.  You are growing into a beautiful young lady.  You started off the year not caring a whole lot about fixing up. 
 You were still a little bit of a tom boy ...

but as the year progressed you started doing your hair every morning, WANTING to wear makeup(not until you are 13), and actually caring about your outfits.  I like the change but you went from one extreme to another.

You love your little sister and are a tremendous help to me.  She has a great big sister to look up to.

You are quite the social butterfly and want to spend the majority of your time with your friends.  You have invited several of your friends to church this year therefore a big group of you and your friends now attend church and Bible study together on a weekly basis.

You are a great big sister to both of your brothers.  Both your cousins and your little brothers love to hang out with you.  Your imagination makes all play fun.

You will be a great babysitter.
You know how to be silly and have fun!  But you definitely have enough sass to get you into trouble.

And you still love the camera.  And it loves you!  I love you so much beautiful!  And I am enjoying watching you become the AMAZING young women that you are.
Happy 12th birthday!


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