Kade's 15th Belated Birthday

Yes, I know it is March and Kade's birthday was in January but I have been in denial of the fact that my kids are getting older(this doesn't mean I'm getting older:)) especially Kade who is a little over a year away from driving.  Eeeeekkkk.

We celebrated his birthday with all the family and he had his favorite cake, Mississippi Mud Cake! 

I decided to make each kid a special day plate for their birthday this year.  This is Kade's.  Orange for UT and football for his obsession.

Kade, you have and are continuing to grow into a fine young man.  You love sports and are excelling in both football and baseball in High School.  Your hard work and determination is going to help you in life.  You love your baby sister and do a pretty good job helping out when you are here.  Rylan and Tucker both look up to you and when you take the time to slow down and enjoy them, you are great with them.  You also enjoy going to school sporting events and cheering on your school.  You are still doing well at school although you have had to learn a few lessons in taking initiative at making up work and homework.  I am enjoying watching you grow and learn.  I am looking forward to what God has planned for you and I pray that you seek His plan for your life.

Love you,


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