Real Moms Real Laughs Part 1

So probably 4 or so years ago, I think I could have won the Mom of the Year award....well, maybe not.  The lady in the checkout line behind me at the grocery store didn't think so. 

I was standing in the line putting my groceries on the belt when she tapped me on the shoulder saying, "Mam, your son is trying to put a plastic bag on his head." 

And yes, he ended up with the plastic bag because I gave it to him.  I had the 2 youngest boys at the grocery store.  Tucker was probably 2 1/2 and Rylan around 4.  I had picked up an extra produce bag on accident and well Tucker kept trying to take it from me.  So not thinking, I handed it to him and well, while standing in the checkout line, he decided to try and put it on his head. 

I could tell the lady behind me was appalled and scared justifiably so.  And I wish I could say that this is the only time that I absentmindedly handed my child something they shouldn't have.

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  1. Oh no, I have been there girl, a few times myself. Not only with bags, but so many other things. Not putting scissors away for example is a disaster waiting to happen, just imagine.

    Thanks so much for sharing this with us Michelle, and please do come link up again, I would LOVE to read more of your mommy moments.

    I will be opening up a new party for March, totally forgot to do it, so I am almost a week late, ooops.

    Thanks again,

    Bella :)

  2. How did I miss this post? GREAT story! Reminds me of the time I was at Target and Christopher fell out of the back of the cart (you know, where the picture on the cart tells you NOT to put your kid). It was Christmastime and the ladies in line were totally rude and judging me. One of them said, rudely, "Um, he's bleeding" as if I couldn't tell.

    Thanks for linking up to our party :-)


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