So I am back sort of . . .  at least I'll try.  I have a friend that loves to craft and comes up with all sorts of crafty little hand made projects that are fabulous!  Her craftiness has inspired me to be a little crafty.... sort of.  I am crafting with food instead.

I love trying new recipes and well I always desire for them to look as pretty as the picture in the magazine or on TV.  Well I have been working on that.

Tonight, I tried Spicy Mango Shrimp from Southern Living.  Thanks to my grandmother, I am now receiving the magazine and my goal is to try at least one new recipe every month from it.  This one was a huge hit.

I used my prep bowls from Pampered Chef to seperate the chopped ingredients.  This really helped decrease the mess and it was awesome to have everything cut and ready to cook when needed.
I then started the rice as stated in the recipe and then began cooking the shrimp.
The next step was to saute the veggies, seasonings, and mango.

I loved the way this looked.  It is so colorful and pretty.  Final step was to add the shrimp back in to the mixture.
Once the rice was finished, I was ready to serve.  
The final product was almost as pretty as the picture and it was absolutely scrumptious.
All the kids ate it, although Tucker doesn't love shrimp so he only ate a little.  Mikaelyn thought it was a little too spicy but that doesn't take much for her.  Josh, Kade and I all went back for seconds. 

Thank you Southern Living for a fabulous recipe.  Also, I was really impressed with the amount of time it took to cook this.  The recipe says 35 minutes but I figured it would take much longer because it's me cooking it.  Overall, it only took me about 45 minutes from start to finish and my shrimp were frozen which probably added a little time. 


  1. NICE!! Great job with the pictures. I should have stayed for dinner tonight :-)

  2. I'm a little jealous. Although, you're coming over here with a new recipe tonight and I've never known your cooking to taste anything but yummy, so I'll get over it ;)

    Nice pics! Definitely prettier than the cell shot. Next time, mention the actual name of the recipe in the post! It'll make looking back a lot easier, and if someone else is searching, they can find your post easier too and it'll help with their cooking


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