Bedtime Conversations

So tonight, Rylan and Tucker were brushing their teeth.  Here is the conversation I ovehear:

Rylan:  Did you know that 20 million years from know the sun is going to get so hot and blow up.
Tucker:  Then everyone will die.
Rylan:  It will destroy the world.
Tucker:  Will God make another world?
Rylan: I don't know.
Tucker: God died.
Rylan: No, God doesn't die.
Tucker: Uh huh, then he rose again in 3 days.
Rylan: Oh, that was Jesus.
Tucker:  Oh yeah, Jesus, God's son.

So I took the opportunity to then talk to them about Jesus and what he did for us. 

They told me the facts which they know by heart. Given that they have heard it every week of the last 3 summers at least once a week plus countless other times.  Then they had all sorts of other questions about heaven and what it means when you die.  I then told them that if  they were ever ready to ask Jesus into the heart and to accept what he did for them, to come and talk to daddy or me.  I gave them big kisses and said good night.

About 5 minutes later, Tucker hollers, mommy can you come say that prayer with me.  I asked, "What do you mean, Tucker."  He said, "To ask Jesus to be with me forever."  So I asked him several questions about Jesus and what he did for us.  He seemed to know all the answers and understand so we prayed together.  It was so sweet. 

I then turned to Rylan and told him I loved him, and to let me kow if he had any other questions.  He was silent for a moment and then said, " Well mom, if I pray does that mean I have to go to heaven now?"  So then I wanted to cry.  I tried to explain the best I could.  But somehow my 1st grader, has developed a fear of death.   He even asked what would happen to him if his daddy and I died.  Talk about my heart breaking.  He also informed me that he would take care of Ady.  So needless to say, Rylan and I will have some more conversations soon. 

Ady's screaming, gotta go.....


  1. The angels are rejoicing in Heaven. Praise the Lord!


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