2 Firsts in 1 Weekend

So this last weekend was crazy and so much fun! 

Mikaelyn had her first dance which Josh and I chaperoned.  It was fun for both her and us.  It brought back memories of middle school.  In fact, they danced to a lot of the same music we did in Middle School.  They are even dressing similar to the way we did.  She went with a group of girls and pretty much danced in a cluster with them the entire time.  The funny thing is she has a boy she calls her "boyfriend" who "asked her to the dance."  We still have figured out exactly what that meant since they said "Hi" to each other maybe twice the whole night.  (lol) Oh the joys of middle school.  Anyways here are a couple pics for the night.

The other FIRST of the weekend was Kade's first homecoming.  He had a date and took her out to dinner beforehand.  They got all dressed up and he bought her a wrist corsage.  To all our Texas family, we figured out that we are the only state that does Homecoming Mums.  Up here, they keep it simple with corsages and I had to find pictures of what a mum was.  I posted a link for all my Maryland firends to see.  Here are a few pics of Kade all dressed up.

I think he had a good time.  We took them to dinner and then to the dance.  It was fun to be a part of it and it definitely brings back memories and makes me feel old.


  1. I think Kade would never have lived it down if he had bought his girl homecoming mums. SUPER glad Jamie asked about it ahead of time!

    Cute pics. Your big kids are really growing up!


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