My Morning with My Sweet and Stubborn Fourth

So this morning, I asked Tucker to go get dressed for school.  He had decided he was not going to school, so he informed me that he was not going and then preceded to remind me of the promise I made to him at the beginning.  Which was, if he was not having fun by the end of this term, I would not make him go back next time.  I then told him it was not the end of the term and reminded him that he has fun every day that he goes.  He still laid on my bed half crying and telling me, "He was not going."  I then told him that he was, and if he was not dressed when it was time to leave, I was taking him in his pajamas.  He still does not budge.

Thankfully my dear friend and his BFF's mom was running early and offered to come and get him.  I informed Tucker of this and told him he might want to get dressed.  So he decides to get dressed but also informs me, he is still not going to school.  So then comes the next stubborn streak.  He digs his shorts from yeaterday out of the hamper and puts them on.  I ask him to take them off and put some clean ones on so I can wash the ones he is wearing.  He told me he wanted to wear them so I asked him how I was going to wash them with him wearing them. 

His response, "You can just throw me in the washer with them!"  Lovely....

So I decided the battle over the shorts was not worth it and let him wear them.  His BFF shows up and he jumps in the car happily and goes to school.  WHAT????  Why did we spend 45 minutes or more of him telling me he was not going and wanted to stay home with mommy forever?  While I find the need to be with me, flattering, I need him to go to school and use some of his stubbornness on someone else for a while. 

I love my Tucker and he is prooving to be as stubborn as his big sister.  It is a good thing they are both sweet.


  1. Here's the kicker. On the way to school I asked him to tell me his favorite part of Tots. His reply? "Swimming and lunch."

    Love you!


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