Happy Belated Birthday Tucker!

Happy 5th birthday little boy!  You are a shining light in our lives.

This  year you were very in to super heros, Star Wars, and Legos.  You were Iron Man for halloween and there were many days, we would turn our heads and you would have your costume on.  You wanted to wear it everywhere! 

Your birthday party was a Super Hero theme and you wanted everyone to wear their costumes!  Your Uncle Shaun played along and you loved it.  Granted it was the beginning of July and already 95 degrees outside but you wore your costume the majority of the day and could care less that most of the other kids, did not have them on. 
You love to play with your older sister becuase she shares your imagination and quirkiness.  You 2 are always creating your own worlds and playing for hours.
You absolutely adore your little sister.  You are very concerned when she cries and always making her laugh.  You also love to dress her and are actually pretty good at it.  She even had to have her own Super Hero costume.
We love you Tucker!  I pray you always keep your individuality, you always make everyone smile, and that the love and compassion that you share with others grows with you each and every year.  I love you!


  1. These are always my favorite kind of posts! Way to go Tuck. Your huge :)

  2. We had SO much fun making those capes! I need to buy some black satin and velvet so I can make him a batman cape.


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