Friday Night Football

Being from Texas, high school Friday night football was always a big deal. We had tons of fun at the games and there was a lot of time and effort built into the games. I loved every minute of being a cheerleader for high school football. We made posters for each and every player every week, we spent lots of time and energy preparing for a weekly pep rally, we decorated stadiums and lockers, and many other things. High School football would make a 15,000 seat stadium look full for a good game. The players always entered the field through a run through made by the cheerleaders. There was always a lot of noise!!!

So when we attended our first Friday night high school football game here in Maryland, I was a little bummed at the lack of ..... TEXAS!

but .... the excitement quickly returned when our JV team that Kade is the starting full back for stomped the opposing team, and not to mention, our son ran for a 70 yard touchdown. It was awesome and we are so proud of him. Here are some pics of the run.  Watch #44...

That smile was planted on his face for quite a while!!!

We are hoping to bring a little bit of TEXAS excitement to Friday night football!!!


  1. What amazing pics!!! And what a amazing run!!!

  2. WAY to go Kade!! His face in the last pic is priceless.


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