Brotherly Love & Bedtime Prayers

Rylan and Tucker have started sleeping in the same bed together.  They both found since they were no longer allowed to come into our bed that sleeping together would solve their problems.  Both boys say that they have nightmares about bad guys.  We have also talked extensively about asking God to help them sleep and to take the bad dreams away. 

So tonight, when I was walking downstairs, I stopped midway because I heard the boys talking and this is what I heard:

Tucker: Please, plesae, please take the bad guys guys and the bad dreams away, and please help Rylan to sleep.  I love you so much.  Thank you God.

Rylan: Thank you God for all the good things you do for us.  Please please please take care of me while I sleep and take the bad guys and bad dreams away.  Please take care of Tucker while he sleeps and don't let him have any bad dreams about bad guys.  I love you, God.

This made me smile for so many reasons:
1.  They prayed on their own.
2.  They both gave thanks and praise to God while presenting their requests.
3.  They prayed for each other!

I love my boys!


  1. That's Awesome Michelle!!! Those boys are so blessed to grow up knowing God and have you and Josh for parents!

  2. I love them a LOT!

    And what's up with bad guys and little boys? Have they ever SEEN an actual bad guy? How are our kids so afraid of cartoons?

  3. This is awesome!!! I am glad they know to talk to God about everything.


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