Beautiful Number 5

I know, I know 3 1/2 months late, I am finally welcoming little Ady to the blogging world.  As an excuse, I will use camp, which I started working full time 4 weeks after she was born.  Camp was awesome by the way but I will get to that later.  This is about the little joy that God has blessed our family with.

On May 13th, we welcomed Adyson Anne to our family.  She is beautiful and healthy.  Ady is a bundle of joy and is making life very easy for me.  Much easier on the outside than she was on the inside.

I don't know how I got so lucky to be blessed with a baby that is as complacent as this one.  She sleeps almost all night long and has since week 4.  She also puts herself to sleep which is amazing to me as none of the others did.  She sleeps through all the madness and mayhem of our household including family dinners. 

And yes, she does do more than sleep.  She is really beginning to smile and laugh at all of us!  She thinks we are all a riot.  She loves playing with her toys.  She is crasping things and putting them in her mouth already or at least trying.  She bats at toys above her head.  She soaks everything around her in.

Oh and she makes the best pouty faces.  Most people say she is a miniature version of Tucker.  Her faces including her pout make me think of him.

She truly adds a little extra bit of joy in each of our lives.  All of her siblings absolutely adore her.

Well, more to come later, Ady is hollering.

(Thanks, Jen for the pics!!!)


  1. Beautiful post!!! I am so blessed to have 8 of the most precious grandchildren in the world. And in a few months it will be 9. It couldn't be any better. I love each one so very much!!!!!!!!!

  2. Beautiful! She's lovely and Jen did such a great job with the pictures!


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