My 3 Baseball Players

So baseball season has begun and yes, this year we have 3 boys playing.  Thankfully this year the 2 little ones are on the same team.  We still feel like we live at the ball fields though.

Kade is doing well and the season is just beginning tomorrow.  These are from the first scrimmage.  Josh is one of the coaches and I love these pictures that shows the intensity in both of them.

Rylan is by far the most intense and focused player on his team.  He loves the sport and is great at it.

Tucker is doing surprisingly well for being the absolute youngest on the team.  He always has a smile on his face and is looking over shoulder to make sure we are all watching when he does something well.


  1. GREAT pics! Did you take all of these? Nice work!

  2. No, I wish I took these but it was Jami. She did great.

  3. Sounds like sooo much fun! I miss all the time spent at the ballpark watching my brother play!


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