A Little Glimpse of Chaos

Yesterday, Mikaelyn, Rylan and Tucker and I decided to venture out to the Cherry Blossom festival with my parents.  The plan was to leave around 3:00.  I think we got out about 3:30. 

Thus the chaos begins:  Before we left, my dad looked down and noticed I had a little less then a 1/4 of a tank of gas which I said should be fine to get us there and back.  I mentioned we coulc stop at Costco and get some more since we where right there.  We decided we were already running behind so we would just go.  About halfway down 29 my dad's eye starts bothering him so we pull over and I drive. 

We get down to the DC area and traffice is horrendous and I HATE driving in the city.  Tucker chimes in, I have to go to the bathroom so we make him hold it a bit.  (I did not realize that he had drank a entire bottle of Gatorade in the time we were driving - he never drinks that much)  When he says again he has to go, we decided to use the Gatorade bottle and well let him refill it.  We are still driving and stuck in traffic and 5 minutes later he has to go again.  We pull out the bottle.  (Although Tucker thought we should just pull over as someone's house and ask them if he can borrow the bathroom - Sweet Innocence)  We finally get to the actual city and traffic is still AWFUL but let me just say my hubby would be proud of me because this normally passive driver stuck her nose out in fron tof many many people to get where I needed to go.  Tucker has to go to the bathroom again!!!!  Third time to fill the bottle.  At this point, he has completely refilled it.  I also look down and realize my gas light is on and we are STUCK!!!  I start getting really nervous that we won't make it to a parking lot because of how INCREDIBLY SLOW we were moving.  I make the decision with my brother's help(by phone) to cut across 3 lanes of traffic and turn around to find a gas station, praying the entire time that our fumes will get us there.  Around 6:30, we made it to the gas station!!!

All of us (even Tucker) have to use the bathroom at this point so we do.  And we start towards the National Mall again.  (Yes, I know most people would have given up by now, but not us.)  Traffic has eased a little but is still pretty bad.  We get to the same spot where I turned around and Rylan says that he does not feel good.  Mom turns around and he is GREEN!!!  I find a plastic trash bag just in time to catch the contents of his stomach.  Well the bag had a hole in it so I scramble to find another one and I do.  Granted at this point Rylan has to change clothes and all I have is his jacket and some sweat pants.  He changes and mom and the kids decide to get out and walk.  They jump out and my dad decides to join them.  I continue driving. 

I finally find a place to park and I get out and meet the rest of the crew by the Tidal Basin and thus am finally able to get the pictures that I wanted to get in the first place.  Granted it is almost 8:00 by the time I get out of the car.  So here are the pics.  And Yes even amongst all the chaos, we had a pretty good time and learned a couple of things.  Number 1 for sure is what I knew before, NEVER NEVER NEVER drive to DC.  Take the metro instead.


  1. That. is. insane. Oh my gosh! And you handle it all so well. And don't even mention that you're 9 months pregnant in the midst of this! The pics are great though and I love that there are even cherry blossoms on your blog background! (and in Ady's room!) Love you and your family lots.


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