Happy Birthdays to the 3 Oldest!!!

Since I have yet to post birthday posts and updates for my 3 oldest, they are getting a combined post so that I can move on to other events that need posted.

Kade turned 14 this year.  Aaaggggghhhhhh!  He starts high school next year and boy does that make us feel old.  He absolutely hates having his picture taken and refuses to smile or stand still so I have absolutely no good pictures of him. 
At least his mom, Jami, knows how to smile.  Kade is an incredible big brother and spends lots of time outside playing baseball with them.  He loves football and baseball and is doing well at both. 

Rylan turned 6 this year.  He has grown up so much this year.  I think school does that to them.  He has made friends easily this year and insisted on inviting all of them to his party but only BOYS!  He didn't even want moms, aunts, meme, and girl cousins to come.  We did anyways though. 
He loves sports and excels as just about all of them.  Everything is a competition and he does not loose well.  But he is learning.  He has a tender heart and is as sweet as can be.  I think he has really enjoyed his time away at school and growing up but he still loves coming home and playing with his little brother. 

Mikaelyn turned 11 this year.  She is growing up too fast as she finishes her 5th grade year and gets ready to start Middle School. 
She is an incredible big sister and cousin to all the little ones.  They love to play school, babies, or whatever else they come up with.  She also love sto dig in the dirt with the boys which they love.  She loves to sing, dance, and ride her bike.  She never sits still and is always full of energy.  I am not always her best friend and that's OK because I know that one day that will change.  We still love to shop, read and enjoy good food and treats together. 
Oh yeah and she is completey opposite of her older brother and loves the camera!!!  So I have tons of pics of her.


  1. Great post!!!I love all my grands. And yes you are her best friend. She loves you sooooooo much. She just doesn't like the word no at the moment and that is from anyone. Love, Meme


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