A Very Merry Christmas

I know it is February, but as I am sitting here in yet the second blizzard in a week and am supposed to be resting, I have a little extra time on my hands.  I do have to say I am a little jealous of all my firends that are getting all there cleaning done. 

So here is our Christmas!!!
We let Rylan, Tucker and Mikaelyn (Kade was with his mom) open one present on Christmas Eve.  This was just too cute of a picture.

Early Christmas morning and Mikaelyn had just seen the skateboard she had been begging for and I told her there was no way she was getting it.  Obviously Santa thought she needed it:)

Santa left $5 in ones in the stockings.  By the look on Rylan's face, you would have thought it was $100 or more.  I love it when they are so easy to please.

Mikaelyn insisted on buying her brothers a Beta fish .  She was so excited to bring it down and show them.  They loved it and yes, it is still alive.

Santa brought the little boys this basketball/soccer/football throw/baseball net for outside.  Granted, since we have had record breaking snow this winter, it is still inside and has become quite the indoor basketball arena for both big and little kids alike.  (and DAD)  And yes I have to cringe everytime the big kids get involved.  They have only broken one thing though.

Tucker loved digging through his stocking.  I will say the Star Wars boxer shorts have been one of the biggest hits of the day.

Kade loved his shoes, I think.  It is not often, we even get that much of a smile out of him.  Gotta love those teenagers.

Meme and Papa with all their grandkids.  I thought this picture captured the craziness of the morning!

And here is Jami with all of here semi adopted nieces and nephews or whatever.  I don't know that Jami ever knew what she was getting into when we all moved to Maryland, but I have to say we all feel truly blessed to have her around.  The kids love her and they all know that Jami will spoil them rotten with a simple hug and kiss.  Our lives wouldn't be the same without her.  She has become like a sister to me.

Overall, it was an incredible day.  The kids never got out of their pajamas.  We played games and spent lots of time together.  As always, the only thing that would have made the day better, is to have all of our family from Texas here with us.  We love you all and hope that these pictures (even in February) help us share a little piece of our day with you.


  1. Nice!!!!!! It was a great Christmas!!! And yes Jami has become a part of our family!! Always willing to help us out when needed.


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