Our Sweet Little Nugget

So about 2 weeks ago, we got the first really good pictures of our sweet  little nugget.  You are a girl as you already knew, but we were all patiently awaiting to find out what you were.  Everyone is so excited to welcome you into our world and hold you in their arms.  Your older sister, Mik, has waited a long time for a little girl to spoil and take care of.  You will never be lacking in all things girlie when she is around.  Your youngest brothers, Tuck and Ry very interested in how you are growing in my belly.  Tuck is always climbing around all over you and giving you kisses and hugs.  He can't wait to smother you with them when you are here.  Ry was a little unsure of having a little girl around, he was kind of looking forward to another little brother but he changed his mind very quickly when your daddy told him that he could still teach you little boy things.  So beware, you will probably be the most well rounded little girl out there.  I know Kade is thrilled also but you know he is a teenager and shows his enthusiasm a little less thatn everyone else.  He will probably be the one that spoils you the most and shows you off the most.  Your daddy is excited to  have a sweet baby girl!  Last night you actually kicked him for the first time.  23 weeks old and you are kicking away.   I can't wait to have your big brothers feel you kick them.   I am patiently awaiting your arrival and can't wait to see your perfect blend of your daddy and me.  I love you and keep growing healthy and strong.


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