"Let it Snow"

There is nothing like almost 2 feet of snow to slow things down a bit.  I LVOED IT!  This weekend it started snowing Friday night and did not stop until early Sunday morning.  I think it was my first official "blizzard." 

We decided to make the most of it and Saturday we let the kids open one of their Christmas presents (know ing that it was games) from our family in Texas. 

Then we spent the rest of the afternoon playing games as a family.

Today, we started the day off playing in the snow.  Or digging out the cars in the driveway.

Tucker enjoyed eating the snow more than anything!

Rylan thought a snowball fight with Papa would be fun until Papa caught him and buried him in the snow.  He was not to fond of snow in his face.

Mikaelyn had a friend over and they went sledding and built a fort.  I could not keep her inside!
Josh and Kade both shoveled the driveway.

When we came back in, the boys, Josh and I spent more time playing games.  Thank you Aunt Julie and Uncle Danny, we have made great use of your presents.  The boys love them!!!

We also made sugar cookies for Santa and


Dad even helped!  We had loads of fun and will have cookies to eat for the rest of the week.

These are the things, I love about winter and Christmas.  I even got some Christams present wrapped today while listening to Christmas music!!!  MERRY CHRISTMAS!  and to all my Maryland friends, ENJOY THE SNOW!!!


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