The "I Want Thats" of this Season

I am beginning to see that I have set my children up, especially the younger ones, to drive me crazy this Christmas.  This year has been a great year for us, but we did not spend a lot of extra.  We tried to pay off debt and not build debt, therefore when the kids wanted something extra, we usually said no and then I proceeded to tell them, "If it is something you really want, put it on your Christmas list."  This has led to the constant statement of " I want THAT for Christmas."  uggggghhhhhh

I am quickly realizing this was a mistake with the youngest for sure.  T has a Christmas list, the length of the roll of toilet paper and automatically assumes he is getting everything on it.  I also realized the other day that he assumes all of it comes for no cost.  This is the conversation that we had:

T: "I want Lego Batman for the DS."
Me: "You don't have a DS and are probably not going to get one for Christmas.  You have other game systems and they cost a lot of money."
T: "Even at Christmas???"
Me:  "Well, yes honey, somebody has to pay for it."
T: Completely baffled and confused

Since the conversation, I have realized that he thinks that a lot of this will coe from Santa and he does not pay for things.  I am a little baffled because we usually only do one small thing from Santa and don't really build him that much.

With all that being said, I LOVE CHRISTMAS!  I love to celebrate the birth of our Savior!!!  I love Christmas carols!  I love the decorations and lights!  And I even love giving gifts on the day when we celebrate the greatest gift God ever gave us!"

I have learned that I will try to do it differently next year!  I am not for sure how, but I know that I want my kids to  not be so focused on getting everything they WANT and more focused on the JESUS!!!

Last night I took all the kids to Baltimore, to an inner city church where they were having a Christmas party for inner city kids.  We had a great time and I loved seeing the gigantic SMILES on the kids faces when they received the one present they will probably get for Christmas!!!  I loved hearing them sing Christmas carols and shout the name of JESUS!  I loved watching them learn the real resaon for this season!!!

My prayer for the rest of Christmas is that my kids don't loose the real reason we celebrate Christmas in all the hype of everything else.


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