Dinner Time

About 3 to 4 times a week, we all get to sit down at the dinner table at one time which is great!  We say that it is so we can all spend time talking and catching up with what is going on but ...

This is what it usually turns in to:

6:30 Josh walks in the door.
6:35 Mom: "Alright kids, it is time for dinner. Turn the TV of and wash your hands."
One of the kids:  "Do we have to turn the TV off???????"
Mom:  "YES!!!! Now hurry up and get to the table."
Ry and T (getting to the table):  "OOOOOHHHHHH, I don't like that!!! Do I have to eat it!!!"
K:  Trying to talk over the madness and tell dad something
Mik: singing and dancing  up to the kitchen table
Mom:  "YES, you are going to eat your dinner or starve, so sit down and quit whining."  "Mik, stop singing and sit down."
All of us:  Finally sitting
Dad:  "Who wants to say the blessing."
Someone starts usually one of the big kids.
Mik:  glares at Ry and T for eating while praying

Once through the prayer, we all start eating and usually at least 2 or 3 different conversations start at the table at the same time.  Whoever is not involved in the conversations is usually singing, whining, or making some kind of noise.

Also, mixed within are the standard comments:

"Sit down and eat."
"Quit leaning your chair back."
"Please don't interrupt and wait your turn to talk"
"Pease quit smacking."

At the end of the dinner, we are all exhausted but usually we have had at least one good conversation.  And even through all the chaos, I LOVE IT.  I would not trade out large family for anything.  Can you even imagine what it is like when we have my mom and dad and Shaun and Jen's family over, too?


  1. FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!! And I love every minute!!!!!!!Love, Meme

  2. Dude, I don't know what you're talking about. Our family adds peace and order when we come over. :)

  3. Yesterday, Kent (17) said, there are too many people in this house! Which was really funny since he is usually the loudest. Rick,-20, Caroline-4 and Beckett 9months looked at him along with Greg and I. It was hysterical. I also love it. Greg always wants family dinners and then after says why did I want to do that? Because honey we wouldn't have it any other way!- Jan Miss you


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